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Beautiful Eco-Resort_The Landscape

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Vung Tau Baria hinterland is almost contained by unique mountains and gentle flow of The Ray River where visitors are offered by the rich diversity of experiences. It is magnificent landscape of rice field, green mountain and attachment to beautiful Ben Cat beach, it contains of many km long of golden sand, part of that best running infront private TPC beach (belong to River Ray Estates). 

Ben Cat Beach

The wetland and mangrove forest of Ray River (home of rare heron birds) are two hours bird watching tour organised by our resort.

RRR Beach Villas

Ray River leads the way into nature reserves, riverside retreat, lush mangrove forest, ecosystem with spectacular view of River Ray bridge, river bank of water coconuts and distant coastline, these are few of the things not to be missed when you visit River Ray Estates.  

Beach Umbrellas

How to get there:

Only 1hour and fifty-five minutes driving from Ho Chi Minh City, you are already on the beautiful new road with green trees. Or be lazy, take a hydrofoil, it takes only one hour to get to Vung Tau. Pick up can be arranged in advance for less than 8 pax. 




The History: The unidentified boat

During the Vietnam War, a famous no ID boat supplied ammunitions to the resistants landed here. The supply had helped the resistants to be able to fight back the coalition army of Australian, American and Southern Vietnamese. The fight lasted for several months. From the point of boat landing inside of River Ray Estates to Minh Dam tunnels, where nature was a great help to the resistants during the bloody year of the late 60.


River Ray Overview 


Stay a while:

Apart from a great day trip to Minh Dam tunnel or the Australian Cross in the close-by vicinity, there are many more attraction locations such as The Casino Ho Tram, the Hot Water Spring, or many beautiful Temples. You need days to recover from the hustle and bustle of the city life.




The Accommodation:

River Ray Estates offer variety of accommodation. From very modern beach villas with fully facilities of home away from home to a romantic room in a traditional wooden house overlooking the River Ray.


Evening Ocean View


The Honeymoon makers:

If you ever plan your honeymoon to be more enjoyable, this is the right place for you to choose.